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About Us



Advanced High Quality Air-Condition Cleaners (AHQACS) is a very unique air-conditioning service provider as AHQACS is the first of its kind in the Philippines that does not use chemical agents to clean air-conditioners which can harm parts, equipments and could lower the lifespan of air-conditioners. AHQACS uses a new method developed by the Japanese to clean air-conditioners without harming the air-condition units.

AHQACS employs only the best and the brightest highly trained professional technicians that cleans, repairs and execute procedures to take care of your air conditioning units. Our licensed and certified Filipino technicians are also trained by Japanese Experts invited from Japan, to use Japanese Handcrafted air-condition cleaning and repair tools. As well as consult on different procedures followed to ensure great care for air-conditioning units when cleaning and repairing.

Our Standards

  • Procedures done within 30-45 minutes only
  • Professional and courteous technicians at your service
  • We don’t only clean and fix your units; we also take care of them.
  • We use non-harmful chemicals to clean air-condition units
  • We use exclusive cleaning solutions formulated specifically for cleaning air-conditioners
  • We use equipments and procedures developed by Japanese experts for air conditioners